Discover Quebec’s touristic regions with Zofa Excursions!

Our team will provide an authentic and exceptional turnkey experience, allowing you to fully appreciate the unique character and flavours that each region has to offer.

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The Zofa Excursions team offers turnkey day trips so you may discover the particular highlights of the different tourist regions in Quebec.

Discovering these regions of Quebec has never been easier, even during this pandemic period!  Our team innovates by offering a concept that respects public health guidelines. In small groups, visitors can enjoy an authentic and immersive experience while being guided from their own vehicle.

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Gourmet rally of Charlevoix

Duration : 7 hours

Custom Excursion

Duration : To be determined

Our mission is to offer a unique gateway to the individual nature of each of Quebec’s regions, with a simple and authentic formula.

Having traveled the world, I know that there is nothing like having a guide introduce you to the distinctive features of an area. By letting the experts take the lead, you can unplug and fully enjoy the destination, landscape, food, and interact with the locals! I have been involved the Quebec tourism industry for more than 10 years, and I am continuously learning about this beautiful province. I founded Zofa Excursions to share Quebec’s beauty with local and international travelers. I want people to relax, enjoy the moment, and learn more about the unique culture here in Quebec.

Sophie Tremblay-Parent

Founder, Zofa Excursions

Photo : EM Photographie Culinaire

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